Pietra Bassa - La Pietra di Bismantova

  • Sector is located in a very impervious place, immersed in the spot of stone. The advice is not to go to the sector, since in case of rescue, it could be really difficult to find you. At least leave it to the Refuge.

  • Access: Since it is not easy to reach, it is not very popular, mostly totally exposed to the north, it is subject to all the bad weather and really cold, only in summer.

  • Crag: La Pietra di Bismantova
  • Sector: Pietra Bassa
  • N. Routes: 11
  • Level: 4c/7b+
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: North. Summer Sector

  • Gear: Almost all carabiners, have been stolen, so pay attention to the falls and stones loose, near the stops. The ways Ken the Gueriero and Nazca, have been modified by nature, collapsing the boulder that was used to leave. So pay attention to the first nail ... it is a bit far.

  • Note: Do not light fires, do not dirty but above all do not disturb the animals, as it is a place free from human presence.

  • Update: 2021/08/04
  • Reads: 14265

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
6b  MINIMARCHI 18 m  
? MAYA 18 m  
7a/7b  NAZCA 18 m  
6b/6c  ARTIDE 13 m  
4c  SAN BITTER 6 m  
5a  LA COMETA 6 m  
6a+  LOVAN 23 m  
7b+  BAUSSANT 20 m  
7a  10  SPITFIRE 18 m  
6c+  11  IN...CAS 18 m  



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