I Tetti - Soave

Topo - NikolayV Topo

  • Sector totally spittatto with chain and carabiner at the end, possibility of crosspieces. Relatively moist rock, recommended in hot hours for a more optimal grip.

    Attention in the "Go spire le man" way, do not keep too much on the left, taken dirty and wet due to vegetation.
    Attention in the streets "The Friends" and "MM", taken dirty and unstable cause very old landslide, itineraries rarely visited.

  • Crag: Soave
  • Sector: I Tetti
  • N. Routes: 9
  • Level: 4c/6b
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2021/08/02
  • Reads: 11516

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
5a  Go spira le man 8 m 5a  5
6b  I Tetti 8 m 6b  2
6a  Il Passero 8 m  
5b+  Silvana 8 m 5b+  2
4c  Inizio 95 11 m 4c  6
6a  Fabiola 11 m  
6b  Montefortiana 10 m  
6a  Gli Amici 10 m  
6a  M.M. 10 m  



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