Acheronte - Mendicino

 - Riccardo Quaranta
Riccardo Quaranta

  • Located about three kilometers from the village, it is the cliff that falls to the road on the right in front of the bridge over the river Acheron in the direction of Carolei-Pantanolungo. the site offers from the school to the upper level.

  • Access: For those coming from North or South, from A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria exit at Cosenza Nord, take the highway towards Cosenza (opposite to University) SS E846. From here you can continue to Via della Repubblica or exit at the junction for Castrolibero. In the second case, as soon as you pass the bridge of Campagnano, turn left and follow the signs for Marano, and at the junction of loc. Fontanesi, for Mendicino (3 Km.). Or you can exit at Cosenza Sud, and continue on Viale della Repubblica. Behind the hospital, take the street that rises to the right towards Mendicino. Two kilometers after Mendicino and the cemetery we arrive at Ponte Alimena. The cliff is close to the road. The "ACHERONTE" sector is immediately behind the old bridge. It is possible to park at the side of the road.

  • Crag: Mendicino
  • Sector: Acheronte
  • N. Routes: 11
  • Level: 4c/7c
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: The wall is sunny in the morning and gets in the shade from 14:00; in the late afternoon the fresh and humid air of the river is felt. It climbs all year round, avoiding the late morning in the summer, on pain of liquefaction of the shoes!

  • Gear: Great synthesis of adhesion technique, enhanced by the lithotype, and support, generally in net holes; good finger strength required in the most challenging shots.

  • Note: Sources of water: under the bridge before the cemetery the source of fresh water is a great place to eat in the summer.

  • Type: Resistant calcarenite, mainly with holes; vertical plate with light bombé.

  • Update: 2018/11/13
  • Reads: 15707

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Rating Asc
7a+  1 Accidia 19 m   3
7c  2 Lussuria 22 m   2
7a  3 Gola 22 m   3
7b/7c  4 Superbia 22 m   2
6b+  5 Invidia 22 m   2
6a+  6 Avarizia 9 m 6a+  1 2
7c  7 Ira 9 m   3
5c  8 Caronte 30 m   3
5b  9 Train Oasis 15 m 5b  2 3
5a  10 Sunhair 15 m 5a  2 2
4c  11 Limbo 11 m 4c  1 2



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