Le Vie - Roc du Crot


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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
6b  Mormuzzo 10 m  
6b  Lidia 10 m  
6b  Francesco 10 m  
5c  Manovre di corde nella boschina 10 m  
6a  Putrider 25 m  
5c  Leo e Luna 15 m  
5c/6b  Skif 40 m  
Note: L1 5c L2 6b
5c  Ponghino 25 m  
4c  Fulmine 15 m  
4c/6a  10  Tobia 35 m  
Note: L1 4c L2 6a
4c/5a  11  Diedro Ghianatti 35 m  
Note: L1 4c L2 5a
6b+  12  Per Elisa 10 m  
5c/6a  13  Lo Strategico 35 m  
Note: L1 5c L2 6a
6a+/6b+  14  Pinnaker 35 m  
Note: L1 6a+ L2 6b+
5b/5c  15  Auguri per i 51 35 m  
Note: L1 5b L2 5c
6b/5c  16  Il Missilone 40 m  
Note: L1 6b L2 5c



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