Casarotto - Capo Caccia

  • Access: From the road that leads to Capo Caccia, 1.5 km before the end, on the right a tarmac branch branches off, with the 'Palestra di roccia - Casarotto' table. After the climb (200m.) You can park both on the right and on the left. To access the gym, go back a hundred meters. On the left there is a passage with a view of the sea. Carefully descend for 3 meters (2nd degree) until you see 2 platelets for descent (3rd degree) on a rock to the right. After 15 meters of descent, on the left, you can see the caves that characterize this gym. Coordinates of access to the passage N40 ° 34'33.7 "- E008 ° 09'27.5".
  • Crag: Capo Caccia
  • Sector: Casarotto
  • N. Routes: 36
  • Level: 5a/7c
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: Southwest
  • Type: Smooth limestone that is enhanced by the salinity of the environment.
  • Update: 2017/07/20
  • Reads: 19730

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N. Name Gr. Asc
6 Sturm and drung 5c 
7 Manibus Calcantibus 5b 
8 Direkt 7a 
9 Banana moon 6c+ 
10 Gatta maiala 6b 
11 Zio Gianni 6a+ 
12 Riccardino 5b 
13 Senza nome 6b+ 
14 Anteprima 6a+ 
15 Calcare Miocenico 6b+ 
16 Via della grotta 6a 
17 Craxi driver 6b 
18 Friz 6c 
19 Kaina 7a+/7b 
20 Daytona 7b 
21 Remote control  
22 Senza nome  
23 Gandalf  
24 Senza nome  
25 Microsintesi 7c 
26 Dr Ago e Mr. L 7a/7a+ 
27 Here come thee fl... 7c 
28 Dolci Sardi 7b 
29 Striptease 6c+ 
30 Senza nome  
31 Carne tremula 5c 
32 Cappuccetto rospo 6c 
33 Nonno Peppino 7a 
34 Gun's n' roses 7a 
35 Senza nome  
36 Homasalto 5a 
37 Ufficiale Nieddu 6a 
38 Pilucchia 6b+ 
39 Il gatto 6a 
40 Annette 6c/6c+ 
41 Non fai 6c/6c+ 



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