Settore B - Passo Gardena - Tridentina


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N. Name Gr. Asc
1 Cimpolotto 6b 
2 Tirabombes 6b 
3 Yositocamp 6b 
4 Barabba 6c 
5 Rotten roof 6c+ 
6 Slide 6c 
7 Camomilla 6a 
8 Leap of faith 7b 
9 Dulcis in fundo left 7c 
10 Dulcis in fundo right 7b+ 
11 Magic line 7c 
12 Stairway to heaven  
13 Fantastic voyage 7a+ 
14 Pinocchio nel v.  
15 Spigolo lunare 7a+ 
16 Moon dust 6b+ 
17 Rosedipietra 7a+ 



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