La Cava - Borgone

  • Borgone's crag, made from a disused quarry, is one of the oldest rock gyms in the valley, which for many years has been frequented by Vallin and Turin mountain climbers, at the beginning of the 80s there were only a handful of itineraries. equipped with a few normal nails, which exceeded the wall in its weak points. With the passing of the years it has seen different works of reclosure and a proliferation of new ways. The rock of a beautiful granite gneiss offers a pleasant climbing on plaques, dihedrals and cracks, moreover the abundance of easy and medium easy routes, generously bolted make it an excellent crag for beginners and in general for lovers of grade six. The exposure of the wall is to the south, climbing is possible all year round avoiding the periods of heat too muggy. The drawing shows the streets as they are now and inevitably some of the historical routes of the wall have been distorted and the names of the streets in some cases do not correspond loyally to the original itineraries.

  • Crag: Borgone
  • Sector: La Cava
  • N. Routes: 24
  • Level: 4a/7a
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2015/03/06
  • Reads: 3063

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
5a/6a  Estrema Sinistra    
Note: L1 6A; L2 5a
5a/6a  La Persistenza della Memoria    
Note: L1 6A; L2 5a
6a  Via di Sinistra 35 m  
Note: L1 6A; L2 6A
6a+/6b  Mughetti di Bosco    
Note: L1 6B; L2 6A+
6a+/6b  Salomè    
Note: L1 6B; L2 6A+
5a+/6a  Friction    
Note: L1 5a+; L2 6A
5a/6c  L’Anonimato    
Note: L1 5a; L2 6C
5a/6a  Spigolo Centrale    
Note: L1 5a; L2 6A
6b  Spiderwave    
6b  10  Performance    
4a/4a+  11  Via Normale    
Note: L1 4a; L2 4+; L3 4
5a+  12  Placche Nere    
6b+  13  Presagi di Guerra Civile    
6a  14  Piedi di Burro    
4a/5a  15  Diedro    
Note: L1 5; L2 4
6a+  16  Lucertole Impazzite    
6b  17  Dita Brucianti    
6c  18  A. Andreotti    
6a+  19  Muro Rosso di Sx.    
6b  20  Muro Rosso di Dx.    
6a+  21  Cocci di Luna    
6b+  22  Cocci di Luna Plus    
5a  23  Via della Lama    
7a  24  Tetto deo Bussolenesi    



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