Paretine Bianche - Foresto – Paretine Bianche

  • The White Paretine cliff, also known as the Pareti Marmo, owes its name to the color and the origins of the rock. The cliff was created on the remains of an old white marble quarry. In the seventies it was discovered, by the then young climbers of the Mucchi Selvaggio and in particular by Giancarlo Grassi who opened almost all the streets. In more recent times, 1991, the wall has been taken over and valued by Daniele Rey and Giancarlo Mattiel, two of the most active chiodatori in the valley, in particular the Foresto area, which after a long cleaning and re-equipment, gave us a cliff practically perfect. The style of climbing is mainly the slab resting, often very smooth where the adherence is pure and the very small notches, but there are some vertical routes of high difficulty, and some other short and well-clad in elementary difficulty. The nailing is excellent, with a 10 mm spit-fix. or with resinated taps, the drops are equipped with chain and rapid maillon. The site is particularly suitable for beginners and mid-level climbers, recommended in the middle seasons and in sunny winter afternoons, to avoid in summer or in too hot periods.

  • Crag: Foresto – Paretine Bianche
  • Sector: Paretine Bianche
  • N. Routes: 29
  • Level: 3a/7c+
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2015/03/06
  • Reads: 2144

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Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
7a  Astri  
7b+  Futuro Dissolto ( Gordian)  
7c+  Il Dramma della Follia  
6b+  Spigolo del Gatto  
? Diedro Giallo  
6b  Super Diedro Giallo  
7a  Puki  
6c  Cristalli  
6a+  Spigolo del Colibrì  
6b+  10  Paperoga  
7a  11  Gambadilegno  
6a  12  Cassis & Lilas  
6a  13  Mercante di sogni  
6a  14  Piccoli strapiombi  
6b  15  Artisti  
6b  16  Placche Bianche  
7a+  17  Carpe Diem  
5a+  18  Coccinelle  
6a  19  Rivelazione Identificata  
6a  20  Placche Nere  
6a  21  L’ Onda  
6a  22  Licheni  
3a  23  Spigolo del Rosmarino  
4a  24  Porcospino  
4a+  25  Gradinata  
4a/5a  26  Rientranza del Maestro  
Note: L1 4a; L2 5a
6a  27  Spigolo del Pioppo  
6b  28  Rivelata Sublimazione  
5a+  29  Diedro della Pioggia  



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