Le Vie - Foresto - Terrazze di Avalon

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  • Small crag that is part of the Foresto area. The exposure in full south and the modest altitude (600 m.) Make it a suitable place for the winter days, remaining however easily attactable even in the middle seasons. The cliff is divided into 4 adjacent sectors, separated by short wooded areas. The height of the streets is relatively modest 10 -15 meters in the sectors on the right, up to 20 m. of some shots of the sector n.4. The impeccable equipment with taps with resin or 10 mm fix. and the close overall distance of the insurance points make the cliff suitable for beginners as well as the most savvy climbers.

  • Crag: Foresto - Terrazze di Avalon
  • Sector: Le Vie
  • N. Routes: 22
  • Level: 4a/6b+
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2015/03/04
  • Reads: 2157

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Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
5a+  Pollicino  
6a  Puffo  
6a+  E’ Finita un Era  
6b  Dammela Alice  
6a+  Effetto Serra  
6a  Inch’ Allah  
6a  Shukran  
6a  Maquillage per uno Zombie  
6b+  Invito a Ranzo  
5a+  10  L’albero della Cuccagna 5a+  1
6a  11  Dakota  
5a+  12  Due Calzini 5a+  1
6a+  13  Balla con i Lupi  
4a  14  Bamby  
6a+  15  Off-Limits  
6a+  16  Bobo 2000  
5a+  17  Prenatal  
6b+  18  Mafalda  
5a+  19  Mi Piace Morgana  
6a  20  Sismica  
6b  21  Tintaghel  
6b  22  Pedragon  



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