Falesia del Fico - Foresto - Isola Felice

  • The Isola Felice, or Fico cliff, as perhaps it would be better to call it, is the last "rediscovery" of the Foresto area, it was equipped a couple of years ago and before then there was only one itinerary "via del Fico "in fact, dating back to the 70s, period of the" Wild Heap ". The Falesia, looks like a wall not very extensive, white limestone mostly vertical, with clear sockets, the height of the shoots is rather modest, 10 - 15 m. and the difficulties in general not very supported, the nailing is of excellent quality, with close protection, also in a very sunny and panoramic position on the valley, in short a good cliff for beginners and lovers of low difficulty. Like, for almost the whole area of ​​Foresto, it is to be avoided during periods of intense heat. The only drawback, some stones and some not yet well established grip.

  • Crag: Foresto - Isola Felice
  • Sector: Falesia del Fico
  • N. Routes: 16
  • Level: 4a/6c
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2015/03/03
  • Reads: 2749

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Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
4a  Terima kashi 4a  1
4a  Abciximab  
4a+  Sama Sasma 4a  1
5a  Batik 5a  2
5a  Cippalor 5a  2
5a  Il Fico 5a  2
5a+  900 5a+  2
6a  Rach 3 6a  2
6b  Chiedi alla Polvere  
6b+  10  Il Lazzaro  
6c  11  Il Profumo  
6b  12  Tim Card  
6a  13  Mister X  
4a+  14  Piccolo Budda 4a+  1
6a  15  Scacco Matto  
6b+  16  Foresto City  



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