SASSOLUNGO - La Pietra di Bismantova

Schizzo delle vie - cai bismantova Schizzo delle vie
cai bismantova

  • The sector is a real isolated pinnacle. As you can then read in the notes placed on the bulletin board at the base of the monolith, the place has always been a reference for the inhabitants of the place. Recently, a total remediation intervention has been carried out and numerous itineraries have been traced with modeno and safe nailing.

  • Access: Taking as reference the "Kreüz shelter", the stone restaurant bar, located above the stairs, follow the path that leads to the "CASETTA AGAC" aqueduct using the number "697A" 8 Sassolungo indication). Turning to the left of the Refuge, after about 5 minutes you will come across a Madonnina. Continue straight until you reach a paved road with a barrier. Go up and follow the marked path until you reach the large stone, which is located in the NORTH WEST of the Stone.

  • Crag: La Pietra di Bismantova
  • Sector: SASSOLUNGO
  • N. Routes: 21
  • Level: 3c/A2
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: Multi exposed mainly north west. In general, even on hot days, you can still climb thanks to the nearby forest and the fact that at least one sector is always in the shade.

  • Gear: Excellent with bolted or cemented hooks.

  • Note: The routes are not very long, maximum 15 meters. The difficulties are quite contained; and in fact the place is particularly appreciated by beginners. The area around the Sassolungo, is particularly silent and shaded, surrounded entirely by vegetation and therefore also suitable for families with children (table x pic nic). The particular position in more will allow on summer days to climb in the cool during the hottest hours of the day and above all to take advantage of the sunlight until late afternoon. It is interesting to note that the CAI has decided to exploit the most difficult part of this rock by equipping its overhangs and its roofs with very close pressure nails to experiment with artificial climbing and the use of stirrups.

  • Type: Calcarenite not always very healthy!

  • Update: 2021/08/04
  • Reads: 27303

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Vista della parete - web
Vista della parete


Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
3c  iniziando 17 m 3c  2
3c  continuando 15 m 3c  4
4c  placchetta 15 m 4c  11
3c/4b  lotta con alpe L1: 15 / L2: 10 m 4a+  9
5b  becherovka 17 m 5b  10
5b  palinka 17 m 5b  5
5b+  indiedreggiando candidamente 15 m 5c  10
6a  stufaia 20 m 6a  5
6a/6a+  fioritura 20 m 6a  3
4b  10  obliquando 16 m 4b  4
5c/6a  11  aiut alpin 20 m 5c+  5
5b+  12  gnomo 18 m 5b+  3
5b+  13  ultimo sole 20 m 5b+  5
A1/A2  14  vola colmba 20 m  
A1/A2  15  fly dove... again 20 m 6b  1
6b+  16  bifidus actiregularis 15 m 6b+  3
5b  17  indiedreggiando 15 m 5b  7
5b+  18  salsicce e lampascioni 18 m 5b+  5
? 19  progetto 20 m  
5c+  20  wind 20 m 5c+  4
4c/5a  21  splendido splendente 20 m 5a  9



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