Cannelot - Casoli

  • Cannelot sector

  • Access: Cross the village until you reach the church, continue to the left of the small descent to take the path. When you come across a fountain, continue along the visible path to the bifurcation. Take a right uphill (4-5 minutes). The walls are clearly visible on the right and to reach the base there are fixed ropes.

  • Crag: Casoli
  • Sector: Cannelot
  • N. Routes: 13
  • Level: 6c+/8a
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2011/09/12
  • Reads: 3341

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Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
7c  1 ?  
8a  2 Ever to manetta  
7a+  3 London zizzu  
7b+  4 Cane sciolto  
7b+  5 La galla  
7b  6 Ah !  
7c  7 Variante  
7a+  8 Zonzeggiando  
7c+  9 Gigioneria  
7c+/8a  10 Gli anni scazzi 8a  1
7c  11 Stelle visive  
7b+  12 ?  
6c+  13 Cercando jesus  



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