Placche Mario Bonanno - Mottarone

Mappa - Zilioli Enea Mappa
Zilioli Enea

  • This sector is considered by many to be the hardest in Mottarone. Technical climbing and great precision of feet on smooth rock ... big spreads and total confidence in shoes

  • Access: It is the last sector below. It is necessary to descend by tracks, overcoming the various sectors.

  • Crag: Mottarone
  • Sector: Placche Mario Bonanno
  • N. Routes: 8
  • Level: 6a/7b
  • Beauty:
  • Gear: Open routes from below by Giorgio Francese, Alberto Borgini and Fabio Spatola in 1995

  • Update: 2016/06/19
  • Reads: 4125

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Gr. N. Name L (m) Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
1 La neve bacia in fronte gli eroi 30  
2 Alling 40  
3   Il processo di Penrose 60  
4   I boschi-imani 80  
5 La vendetta dell'obeso 35  
6   Pinfi banfi 60  
7 Il pampispigolo 30  
8   Monica bionica 10  



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