Elefante - Mottarone

Mappa - Zilioli Enea Mappa
Zilioli Enea

  • One of the last sectors of the group. About 50 meters high and still in accommodation.

  • Access: Reach the raven sector, cross it and descend the steep valley again until you reach the sector. The problem of this sector, as for the plates and overhangs ... is the ascent of the valley at the end of the day!

  • Crag: Mottarone
  • Sector: Elefante
  • N. Routes: 5
  • Level:
  • Beauty:
  • Gear: Started by Luciano Manganillo ...

  • Note: Attention: the degrees of difficulty are still to be defined.

  • Type: Technical climbing on smooth plate broken by cracks.

  • Update: 2016/06/19
  • Reads: 3334

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Gr. N. Name L (m) Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
1 Progetto...    
2   Senza nome 50  
3 Senza nome 25  
4 Senza nome 25  
5   Senza nome 53  



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