Arcadia - Falesia dell'Eremo (Rocchetta e Croce, Caserta)

  • Sector of excellence with continuity, technical and athletic climbing. Always ventilated, being a charming tree-lined valley, it is in shade from 11 onwards.

  • Access: From the path, passing next to the Sasso del Filosofo, follow the red / blue wooden arrow that directs the descent into the valley where the sector rises, which is the "column" on which the monastery rises.

  • Crag: Falesia dell'Eremo (Rocchetta e Croce, Caserta)
  • Sector: Arcadia
  • N. Routes: 9
  • Level: 5c+/8a
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2019/09/06
  • Reads: 4049

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N. Name Gr. Asc
1 speleo stereo statica 5c+   1
2 Malowski 7b 
3 Crackout 7a 
4 Sine Crabro 7b+ 
5 ciao Marco 7c/8a?
6 fedele alla linea 7b 
7 legge del ritmo 7c 
8 ritmo solare rotativo 7a 
9 yes man 5c+/6a 



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