Bimbo Climb - Placche di Oriana

  • Single pitch sector suitable for beginners and beginners alike.
  • Access: At the last bend on the left before Pian Fiou take the path on the right that leads to the Serra di Biel. In 10 minutes you reach the base of the single pitches.
  • Crag: Placche di Oriana
  • Sector: Bimbo Climb
  • N. Routes: 15
  • Level: 3b/6b
  • Beauty:
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.6229º/E 7.7066º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.6193º/E 7.7083º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  • Note: The parking chains are equipped with rapid maillon and it is therefore necessary to carry out the maneuver.
  • Update: 2016/05/21
  • Reads: 5169

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N. Name Gr. Asc
1 Mammolo 4b 
2 Pisolo 4a 
3 Brontolo 4b 
4 Biancaneve 4a 
5 Boy George 3b 
6 Cucciolo 3c 
7 Eolo 3c 
8 Alessandra 4b 
9 Silvietta 4c 
10 Dotto 5a 
11 Qui Quo Qua 6b 
12 Titus 5c 
13 Miki Mouse 5c/6a 
14 Fil Time 5b 
15 Gongolo 4c 



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