Sgabuzzo - Sasso della Mantesca

  • Micro sector in itself with, for now, a single possibility of short climb. Up until some time ago it was only ascended in moulinette but it was recently upgraded and equipped. At sunset is his moment!

  • Access: All the same up to the TINELLO sector. Then, look through the vegetation for a gap and carefully descend to the right. You will be in sight of the mule track that goes towards the valley! Arrived on the road, go up to the base of the large triangular block. The way takes place at the center of the plate !. There is also the possibility of getting out on the rocks among the trees of the TINELLO ... but access is a bit 'plane and so ...

  • Crag: Sasso della Mantesca
  • Sector: Sgabuzzo
  • N. Routes: 1
  • Level: 4b/4c
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: SOUTHEAST

  • Note: Warning! Especially in the hottest hours, even the SGABUZZO area, also likes a lot of cold-blooded animals (... snakes!). Vipers have also been sighted several times. Eyes open ... but do not exterminate everything that crawls !!!

  • Update: 2022/01/24
  • Reads: 5105

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Rating Asc
4b/4c  La via del tramonto 5 m 4b  1 2
Note: La vietta è stata vista da uno di noi sul far del tramonto. La luce del sole filtrava tra gli alberi illuminando solo quello scicchio di roccia. Da questa visione è scaturita l'unica via del settore (...anche perchè è un grosso blocco staccato con limitate possibilità!)...e, di conseguenza, anche il nome del settore. :-)
Type: Placchettina appoggiata ma liscia in partenza.
Pitons: 3



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