Monte Gambera Ovest - Positano

  • Known as the hole is the mountain that dominates the village of Monte Pertuso. Many sectors constitute it and have different exposures, in short, you can go around the shadow or the sun! Inside the hole there were already some streets of Oreste Bottiglieri, creator of the entire sector Bow. Short throws alternate with infinite lines that cross the edges and roofs that are lost in the sky ... streets like "The torment and ecstasy", "The void that makes dumb" and "Tour the force" are destined to go down in the history of climbing on the coast. Not only high difficulty ... it can be said that together with the Paretone is the macrosector with more variety in grades and styles. Who recognize the indispensable work done by the nailers? A work made even more noble and precious by its nature almost always free and voluntary . If today you can scale with wide margins of security throughout Italy, it is almost exclusively due to the work of these volunteers. Anyone can also contribute with one euro

  • Access: From the square of Monte Pertuso take via Campole, the long staircase that leads to the hole.

  • Crag: Positano
  • Sector: Monte Gambera Ovest
  • N. Routes: 17
  • Level: 6b/8b
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: West

  • Gear: Bottiglieri, Gunter, Capone, Mujo, Trombetta

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 40.6353º/E 14.4910º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 40.6331º/E 14.4938º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  • Update: 2018/01/11
  • Reads: 6979

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Gr. N. Name L (m) Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Rating Asc
1   Riscrivere la storia 15   1
2   lo scamotto 18   2
3   Missioneposeidon 25   3
4   Miroldi volanti 28   2
5   Scendo subito 25   4
6   Tutto in discesa 25   4
7   Station wagon 25   5
8   Futuro negado 30   6
9   Speriamo che piove 15   3
10   Toyo 15   5
11   Moscerino assassino     5
12   il cavallo di ritorno 20   4
13   Il tormento 20   5
14   Il tormento e l'estasi 40   6
15   Tour the force 35m   6
16   L'ultima del millennio 15   2
17   Reo confesso 15   2



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