Il Fidanzatodromo - Subiaco

  • It is the central sector, ideal for those who scale up to around 6b.

  • Access: At the end of the path leading to the foot of the "Il Tetto" sector, turn right and follow a second path also equipped with static ropes. Distance: 1 min. about.

  • Crag: Subiaco
  • Sector: Il Fidanzatodromo
  • N. Routes: 7
  • Level: 6a+/6c
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2013/06/30
  • Reads: 5347

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
  Ringhio 18 m  
Pitons: 8
6b+  Rapsody 18 m  
Pitons: 8
6a+  Ammazzafidanzate 18 m  
Pitons: 8
6c  Medioman 18 m  
Pitons: 8
6b  Pickpoket 16 m  
Pitons: 6
  Ium! 12 m  
Pitons: 4
6b+  Electra 20 m  



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