Via dello spigolo delle canne d'organo

Spigolo delle canne d'organo - fabio Spigolo delle canne d'organo



L1: vertical slot, or dihedral if you switch to the left. Length about 10 m. easy (IV + / IV) then even easier until the stop (III) on a tree. L2: initial crack and then easy plates (IV) then even easier (III +) up to the stopped chain. Along the shot, 3 protections, 2 cords and a nail. L3: very easy spool (III / III +) with a few more difficult steps (IV). Stop with lanyard and chain of descent. L4: easy steps but exposed (III +) L5: easy (III). Stop with lanyard at the exit. Wanting the IV and V shooting, being short, can be merged (60m rope).


Once in Porto Ercole (Argentario), cross the village and head towards the panoramic road. After a few kilometers on the left you see a non-paved pitch, park. Continue for a few tens of m. on the panoramic and right of the roadway, you can see the trail in the woods that rises steeply to the Canne d'organ crag. The attack of the street is on the left of the red cave of the cliff.


Friends, Medium dice, Fettucce to protect themselves and related referrals and lanyards for the stops to be integrated.


You can go down in double for the ascent way, paying attention to the tangled rope on the rock (better the skein on the harness). Or go down the path on the left that runs along the steep gully (pay attention to the fixed ropes for nothing reliable).

  • Crag: -
  • Level: D-, IV+ obbl.
  • Height: 200-380 / 180 m
  • Open Date:
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: Southeast

  •    Latitude
    N 42.3712º
    E 11.1810º
  •    Latitude
    N 42.3704º
    E 11.1819º
  • Type: Easy but airy, beware of unstable boulders along the way, easily avoidable.

  • Logistic: The descent is difficult if you take the path of the canyon.

  • Update: 20/08/2016
  • Reads: 17896

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N. Pitch Length Description Level
1 L1 10 m fessura verticale, o diedro se si passa a sx. IV+/V
Gr. Note: facile(IV+/IV) poi ancora più facile fino alla sosta(III) su un albero.
2 L2 0 m fessura iniziale e poi placche facili III/III+
Gr. Note: fessura iniziale e poi placche facili (IV) poi ancora più facile(III+) fino alla catena in sosta. Lungo il tiro, 3 protezioni, 2 cordini ed un chiodo.occhetto molto facili(III/III+) con qualche passo un po' più impegnativo(IV). Sosta con cordino e catena di calata.
3 L3 0 m gradini facili ma esposti III+
Gr. Note:
4 L4 0 m facile. Sosta con cordino all'uscita. Volendo il IV e V tiro, essendo corti, possono essere accorpati(corda da 60m.). III
Gr. Note:



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