Roter Kamin / Camino Rosso

Roter kamin / camino rosso  - Dennis M. Roter kamin / camino rosso
Dennis M.



To get to the base it is mandatory to do 3 abseils 1.Pitch 6b / 15m / 10 expr. 2.Pitch 5c / 15m / 6 expr 3.Pitch 6c + / 30m / 15 expr

Section: trentino-alto adigetrentino-alto adige


From the rotwand platform it goes on for approx. 50m towards the lake. Go down towards the base of the wall in the woods but only for 50m and cross to the left on the roof of the pillar. Attention not for beginners !!! Stops are with chain and ring for the descent.

First Climb:

17.12.2021 Dennis e Michele Aperto da sopra


15 express Codra single 70m mountaineering equipment or two 50m vehicles


Return identical as approach

  • Crag: -
  • Level: 6c+
  • Height: 60 m
  • Open Date: 17/12/2021
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: South

  • Gear: Dennis M. And Michele C.

  •    Latitude
    N 46.3763º
    E 11.3302º
  •    Latitude
    N 46.3631º
    E 11.3359º
  • Type: Porphyr

  • Note: Arrampicata in un camino di 45 m
    Completamente spit

  • Update: 24/03/2022
  • Reads: 1285

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N. Pitch Length Level
1 L1 15 m 6b
Gr. Note: 10 expr.
2 L2 15 m 5c
Gr. Note: 6 expr.
3 L3 30 m 6c+
Gr. Note: 15 expr.



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