Climbing continues mainly in adherence on beautiful rock plates. A few ledges interrupts the first pitches leaving a little rest at the feet subjected to a good test in the central shot.


From Prà Pincee continue to the end of Val Garzelli. The street attacks on the right of an evident plaque to the left of the valley

First Climb:

Riccardo Lerda e Andrea Mariani


Some average friends (0.3-1), half-strings


Double on the way up. Possible to avoid the last one by walking on the side of the first placconata.

  • Crag: Garzelli
  • Level: 6C+/6Bobbl.
  • Height: 1000-1250 / 300 m
  • Open Date: 2009
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: west

  • Gear: Andrea Mariani and Riccardo Lerda from below.

  •    Latitude
    N 46.2551º
    E 9.3252º
  •    Latitude
    N 46.2701º
    E 9.3314º
  • Type: Gneiss

  • Update: 06/10/2014
  • Reads: 13023

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N. Pitch Name Level Mandat.
1 L1 Placca 5c/6a 6a
Gr. Note: aderenza
2 L2 Placca 6a 6a
Gr. Note: aderenza
3 L3 5c 5c
Gr. Note: Più lavorata
4 L4 Tiro chiave 6b/6c+ 6b
Gr. Note: Fiducia e frizione, passo obbligato molto delicato.
5 L5 5a/5c 5c
Gr. Note: chiodatura quasi inesistente, difficoltà psicologica.
6 L6 Sciallo 5b/6a 6a
Gr. Note: bella placca lavorata
7 L7 Sciallo2 5b/5c 5c
Gr. Note: Lavoratissima
8 L8 Sciallo3 5b/5c 5c
Gr. Note: Lavoratissima



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