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  • The gym is located in Val Lapisina locality Fadalto Basso from which it takes its name in the town of Vittorio Veneto, at an average altitude of about 450 meters over the sea. It is divided into sectors named: One, Five, Eight, Nine, Ten, Twelve, Becanot. The names of these sectors (excluding the last one) derive from the numbering of some routes of the original CAI gym built in 1979. The names of the old streets located there have been substantially attributed to the sectors. The names of the streets, described in this guide, are shown with red paint to the attack of the same. The streets have been equipped with resin and "spit" anchors with a plate, the arrival is provided with chain and opening ring in steel.

  • Access: For those coming from the South: - State Road n. 51: After the Vittorio Veneto Nord motorway exit, continue towards Belluno. You pass Nove and after a 2-3 km you arrive at the intersection with Via Fadalto Basso (Blue Lakes sign) (large, with a house that acts as a watershed and a small monument). Turn left onto Via Fadalto Basso, continue for 500 m until the intersection with Via dei Mognoi (asphalt road uphill) where you turn right. Continue straight on for 100 m along a dirt road until you reach a marked fork. You turn left and always taking this direction you get to a square. Leave the car and continue on foot for a short path on the left. - Motorway A27 (direction Belluno): Exit at the toll booth of Fadalto and turn left towards Vittorio Veneto. Continue for 800 m and you will reach the crossroads with Via Fadalto Basso (Blue Lakes). For those coming from the North: After Sella Fadalto continue towards Vittorio Veneto. You pass the entrance to the motorway and after 800 m you arrive at the intersection with via Fadalto Basso (Blue Lakes) (see map). Turn right and continue for 500 m until the intersection with via dei Mognoi (see topographic map).

  • Crag: Fadalto Basso (Nove)
  • N. Routes: 105
  • Level: 4b/8a
  • Height: 450 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Gear: various

  • Rock: Limestone in drops, castings, holes, cracks, lists

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 46.0740º/E 12.3309º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 46.0740º/E 12.3320º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: BruttaBanda: 116, tobiazambon: 3, lennyp: 1, Climb0n3: 1,
  • Biblio: PDF - palestra_roccia_fadalto

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  • Update: 30/08/2021
  • Reads: 37774

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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 Settore DieciSettore Dieci 11 4b/7c
2 Settore BecanotSettore Becanot 11 6a+/7a
3 Settore DodiciSettore Dodici 20 6a/7b+
4 Settore CinqueSettore Cinque 4 5a/6c+
5 Settore NoveSettore Nove 17 6a/8a
6 Settore OttoSettore Otto 30 5a/7b
7 Settore UnoSettore Uno 12 4b/7a
N. Name Length Level



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