• At the foot of the majestic Cornone di Blumone, we find Gaver, a renowned ski resort and summer resort. At the northern limit of the plain there are two cliffs, together with granite slabs, resting, vertical and sometimes overhanging. Low sector 'Alla quarries' excellent granite slab, equipped at the beginning of the' 80s by Marca Gianzeno. Sector high 'Plaques of the Belvedere' set of compact plates, attracted between 88 and '92 by Rivadossi Matteo. It is advisable to go to the crags in the warmer months.

  • Access: Going up the high Val Sabbia, we leave the SS 237 at S. Antonio, through Bagoline and Valle Dorizzo we reach Gaver, through a dirt road we reach the former Nikolajewka shelter, starting point for the two climbing sectors, for the low one we cross the bridge on the river Caffaro and descend on the beautiful path up to the northern edge of the plain, on the left is the granite slab at the quarries; for the high one, shortly after the bridge described above, we take a marked trail to the left, which leads over a wooded ridge and shortly afterwards to the obvious plaques of the belvedere.

  • Crag: Gaver
  • N. Routes: 32
  • Level: 4b/7c
  • Height: 1500 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Rock: granite

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.9298º/E 10.4732º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.9292º/E 10.4609º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: Maverick111: 35,
  • Update: 30/06/2013
  • Reads: 21608

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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 Alle CaveAlle Cave 6 4b/6b
2 Placche del BelvederePlacche del Belvedere 26 4b/7c
N. Name Length Level



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