• Falesia in provinca of Cosenza. '' We thank: CAI Sec. of Cosenza and RockStar Climbing Cosenza

  • Access: Mendicino can be reached from Cosenza, from the road that starts from the right from the end of Via della Repubblica, behind the hospital. Distance from Cosenza Km. 9; it seems to be the ancient Pandosia degli Enotri, a thriving and prosperous city that existed between the seventh and the second century. BC It is also possible to reach it from Castrolibero, along the Campagnano river in the direction of Fontanesi. At three kilometers, at the Fontanesi junction, turn left, following the road signs. Reached the center of Mendicino, continue beyond the Cemetery until you reach the cliffs overlooking the road. The sector 'ACHERONTE' is located in front of the old bridge (Ponte Alimena) on the river Acheron, with a cave partly enclosed by a dry masonry.

  • Crag: Mendicino
  • N. Routes: 11
  • Level: 4c/7c
  • Height: 470 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: All
  • Gear: It was funded by the CAI section of Cosenza and was created by Graziano Montel and Riccardo Quaranta, with the valid and effective help of Omar Fragomeni. Hilti fixes in M10X90 steel and Fixe stops have been used (some of these are currently without a carabiner). Momentarily the only equipped sector includes the walls on the sides of the cave, but the project of the 'King Alaric' sector on the left of the existing one is also planned. We recommend the use of a helmet.

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 39.2496º/E 16.2001º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 39.2493º/E 16.2001º
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  • Logistic: The trail, which can be covered on foot or by mountain bike, starts from the small town of Rizzuto, a hamlet of Mendicino, along the Valloni river up to Fosso Candelise. Here it goes away from the river and rises, along the Fosso Candelise itself up to the locality Vallanbratica where it meets a spring. Continuing in the chestnut woods, there are two picnic areas equipped with springs. From here, after having covered a short stretch of asphalt road, continue downhill until Ponte Alimena. - First Aid: Medical Guard, Health Company N.4 Mendicino (CS) - Via Ottavio Greco, 1; tel 0984 630406 - Pharmacy: De Rose Pharmacy Dr. Rita Mendicino (CS) - Contrada Pasquali tel. 0984 630722 Mendicino (CS); - Via Roma, 39 tel. 0984 632225 - Carabinieri: Mendicino (CS) - Via Basso La Motta; tel. 0984 630015 - Forest Station Command: Mendicino (CS) - Via Roma; tel. 0984 630082 - WHERE TO EAT: Alle Querce Mendicino Restaurant (CS) - Via Pasquali; tel. 0984 631096 Al Faro Restaurant Mendicino (CS) - Contrada Pasquali; tel. 0984 632039 - WHERE TO SLEEP: It is possible to sleep in tents near the wall or better on the plateau close to the same. You can reach it by following the road that runs along the cemetery.

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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 AcheronteAcheronte 11 4c/7c
N. Name Length Level



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