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  • For decades, climbing the numerous and varied structures of Monte Corno, testify to the nails and bolts that can still be found here and there. The first "serial" nailing was done by Valerio Moro and consort about 15 years ago, fitting out some of the ways of the current "Classic Sector". After a period of stasis, we arrive at '98, where the trio Obi, Franco and Davide, closed some streets and began the exploration of 'Patalandia'. Davide Rottigni goes on alone for some winters (he even manages to melt a drill ...) and lately, thanks to the fundamental intervention of the "Koren CAI Valgandino" group, it is possible to make a new sector ("Scaletta") concrete, with lots of of path and steps to give a minimum of comfort. In 2003 Beppe Sala began to churn by also affecting Damiano Franchina: the nailers' tribe widens ...

  • Access: A4 MI-VE motorway, Bergamo exit.
    Follow the valleys of Bergamo and take the SS 671 to Valle Seriana (Alzano Lombardo, Albino, Clusone). Continue for about 18 km towards Clusone and, at Gazzaniga, on the right, you will find signs to reach Gandino. Follow the SP 42 that goes up the Val Gandino for about 5 km, until you reach the village.

    As you enter the center of Gandino, after an optician shop with exposed stone façade (you can ask for info), turn right and then left, leaving the town follow the asphalted road that goes to Valpiana and Malgalunga. After a few km, (you pass first a small bridge after a quarry on the right and then the Agriturismo le Rondini) park before another concrete bridge that crosses the bed of a stream. From here the walls are clearly visible on the left. Follow the sign "Falesia Fontanèi": go for a few meters on the left of the torrent and then turn left again. After a few minutes you reach the first sector and then, continuing on the path you come in sight of the structures; here the path forks, on the left for 'Corno Argentino' and 'Scaletta', on the right for the 'Sector Classic' ('Patalandia' can be reached easily from both directions). All sectors (about 15-20 minutes from the car) are connected and very close to each other.

  • Crag: Fontanei
  • N. Routes: 0
  • Height: 800 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: You can climb all year round, even the clear winter days are ideal. Most of the structures are exposed to the sun all day, some streets are in the shade in the afternoon.
  • Gear: Excellent to fix (mostly stainless steel) or stainless steel resin. The distance between them, to understand, does not give us feelings of panic like Cèuse. Some routes are easily reset. Carabiners at stops.

  • Rock: Good quality white and gray limestone, although in some ways a little dusty or abrasive. Very varied inclination, even if the slight overhang prevails. The 'boulderose' streets are more numerous than those of continuity.

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.8115º/E 9.8430º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.8125º/E 9.8440º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: Climb0n3: 2, R2D2: 1,
  • Logistic: The land is private, it can only climb through the grant and the
    kindness of the owners and it is recommended the maximum respect for the 'environment.

  • Update: 11/01/2018
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  • Relazione Fontanèi

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