Senja Sbusa


  • The Senja Sbusa (Sengia Sbusa) is part of the group of limestone pillars located around Monte Comun; in the Valpollicella area (c / o Negrar).

  • Access: Surely, the most common access is from Verona. From Borgo Trento head towards Quinzano and then Montecchio. There should already be signs for Negrar, Monte Comun / Fane and Dondolo. The parking indicated on the map is right in the vicinity of the latter location.
    From here, follow the paved road until you reach another small road that comes between crops and vineyards. At the end of this, you can see a shed (poultry farm), which must be skirted by turning left onto a dirt road. You arrive in a sort of open space with some tables and benches. From here, go down to the right along a path that leads to the rocky balcony (parapet).
    There are already clearly visible bolted routes here. To reach the base of the cliff you have to go through a crack in the rock and go down to the left to the base of the wall. A short distance away, reachable via a track, there is another sector still minimally valued but with a good potential.

  • Crag: Senja Sbusa
  • N. Routes: 0
  • Height: 570 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: Given the tower conformation, the exposure of the walls is varied. The main wall faces west. However, other sectors remain in the shade due to the complex geomorphology of the slopes.
  • Gear: Being a site already frequented after the war, the nailing is quite heterogeneous. In the last few years, new stops have been inserted and many itineraries have been refreshed / integrated with new plates. Some routes also offer a second pitch of rope that can also be used as an extended. Pay attention to the length of the rope (recommended length 80 meters).

  • Rock: Articulated and partly friable limestones. The quality of the rock improves as you climb to the top of the stratifications. Some portions of the wall were clearly affected by the disintegrating action of the ice during the last glacial period.

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.5373º/E 10.9671º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.5365º/E 10.9737º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: NONNOMERDO: 4,
  • Biblio: Historical guide, published by Azimut sas, quite dated (1997).

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  • Logistic: The crag is located on private land. Sometimes, you can find local visitors not interested in climbing. We must live with it.

  • Update: 19/10/2020
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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 Senja sbusa - Balcone Ovest e Nord/EstSenja sbusa - Balcone Ovest e Nord/Est 0
2 Senja sbusa - parete principaleSenja sbusa - parete principale 0
3 Senja sbusa - settore la PruaSenja sbusa - settore la Prua 0
N. Name Length Level



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