Rocca Sbarua


  • The Rocca Sbarua geographically belongs to Mount Freidur and rises above the woods dominating the Pinerolo plain, of Sbarua seen from Melano facing the imposing Monviso. It has been known since the dawn of Pinerolo and Turin mountaineering.

  • Access: From Pinerolo go up towards San Pietro Val Lemina for about 10 km of paved road. Just beyond Talucco (famous for its tasty tomini) you will find Brun places, parked. The approach, without dangers, is suitable for all ages and takes about 40 minutes from a beautiful farm to the shelter through beautiful forests. As an alternative you can proceed from Pinerolo to Cantalupa, park in Borgata Scrivanda and from there proceed on foot following the Val Noce for about 1h 30 'walk.

  • Crag: Rocca Sbarua
  • N. Routes: 38
  • Level: 3b/7b
  • Height: 1050 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: At Sbarua you can climb practically all year except short periods in case of heavy snow.
  • Gear: Boccalatte, Gervasutti, Ellena, Mellano, Rossa, Rivero, Motti, Grass

  • Rock: Very solid and wrinkled Granite Gneiss. Climbing in cracks, dihedrals, adhesion plaques, vertical walls and roofs.

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 44.9082º/E 7.3112º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 0.0000º/E 0.0000º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers:
  • Logistic: Melano Refuge at the Rocca Sbarua m.1.064 Tel. 0121 - 353160.

  • Update: 30/06/2013
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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 NormaleNormale 13 3b/7b
2 Sperone CinquettiSperone Cinquetti 12 3b/7a
3 Sperone RiveroSperone Rivero 13 3b/7a
N. Name Length Level



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