Corna di San Peder


Vista della falesia - Marco Arrigoni Vista della falesia
Marco Arrigoni

  • Due to the characteristics of the wall, the itineraries take place on very compact and overhanging slabs presenting high difficulties and great continuity, however the use of the feet is still essential.

  • Access: From the ValSeriana state road, follow for Clusone and then Castione della Presolana; from the center of Castione, take the road to Rusio on the left and park just before the village on the right (opposite a carpenter's shop). Continue walking on the road and shortly after about 100 meters take the dirt trail on the left (indication Rino Olmo), first uphill, then flat up to a fork. From here take a bridge on the right that leads to the stream where there is the real mouth of the valley. After a few meters you reach a Roman bridge, and twenty meters after crossing it, on the left the path that leads to the Falesia of Giambi in five minutes. Continuing along the wide path you cross the river again and on the left you can see the red and overhanging structure of the Red Gym which can be reached by following the trail in the woods. Continuing along the path that runs through the valley, you reach a concrete bridge after three hundred meters, from which on the left, along a steep path, you can reach the Falesia di San Peder in a few minutes. Always from the bridge taking the path on the right you can easily reach the Falesia Chìgnol. A total of 25 minutes' walk from the car to the furthest sector.

  • Crag: Corna di San Peder
  • N. Routes: 34
  • Level: 5c/8b
  • Height: 1040 mt.
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: Ideal period from April to November
  • Rock: Very compact gray limestone with holes and notches. alcare gray in holes and clocks for the tower of the Maya and the Parentino

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.9215º/E 10.0341º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 45.9149º/E 10.0369º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  •  Mainteners / Best Wikiers: Marrigon: 37,
  • Update: 24/02/2017
  • Reads: 5382

Area Gallery

Mappa delle vie  - Marco Arrigoni Mappa delle vie
Marco Arrigoni

Parete centrale - Marco Arrigoni Parete centrale
Marco Arrigoni


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Sectors (Routes)

N. Name Routes Grade
1 Settore PrincipaleSettore Principale 34 5c/8b
N. Name Length Level



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