Eros - Kalymnos



From Myrties you take a small boat across to Telendos and follow the trial to St Konstantinos on the right side (north) of the island along the seaside. After the second beach you meet a sign "eros" and you follow the blue spots for about 30min. When you meet the left turn for the monastery continue straight followin the blue marks for another 15min.(East facing wall, overhanging)

  • Falesia: Kalymnos
  • Settore: Eros
  • N. Vie: 6
  • Difficoltà: 6c/7b
  • Bellezza:
  • Aggiornato: 2023/09/30
  • Letture: 6460

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Gr. N. Nome L (m) Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Rip
1 Aphrodite 24  
2 Nymphi 15  
3   Mira que tinc 20  
4   Eros7a+    
5   Adonis7a    
6   Tremendos en Telendos 27