Kalydna - Kalymnos

  • Located between Panorama and Poets. To approach either use the same as for Panorama and traverse to your right or use the access for Poets and turn left and upwards after ten minutes walking. (South West facing slab, wall, overhanging).

  • Falesia: Kalymnos
  • Settore: Kalydna
  • N. Vie: 17
  • Difficoltà: 4c/8a
  • Bellezza:
  • Aggiornato: 2019/05/25
  • Letture: 4860

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Gr. N. Nome L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Rip
6b  Ultimi bucci    
4c/6c  Fuga da Guy    
Nota: 1st SL 5c; 2nd SL 6a (not equipped yet); 3nd SL 6c; 4th SL 6b/4c; rope 70m
  No name    
Nota: 3 pitches
7a/7b  Mitra    
Nota: 1st SL 7a; 2nd SL 7b; 3nd SL 7a
5c/6c  Fragment    
Nota: 1st SL 5c; 2nd SL 6c
6c  Yebus    
7a+  FranFran    
7a  Tassir    
6c+  Calida    
7a  10  Sickle    
6b+  11  Ushana    
7a+/8a  12  Aurora 50 m  
Nota: the first 35m 7a+ the last 15m 8a; (10m necessary and easy to the first belay)
6c+  13  Theodora    
6b/7b  14  Kalinicta    
Nota: 1st SL 6b; 2nd SL 7b
6a+  15  Extra    
7b  16  Nickel    
6a+  17  Late evening light    



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