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La sportiva shoes

Dear Italian climbers!

I am a climber from Netherlands and I have a fancy for La Sportiva shoes. My old vipers just decided do die and I am looking for new.

Climbing shops in Netherlands do not offer pretty much La Sportiva shoes and anyway it is very expensive here. Could you please advice me the store, that sells La Sportiva shoes online with shipping?!

Thank you in advance!

11/11/10 @ 20:10:41

Re: La sportiva shoes

Hi Bass
there are a lot of shops that sells La Sportiva. I bought a pair of shoes from this ebay store:

I don't know if you'll find what you are looking for, if not you can try with other shops on ebay

11/11/10 @ 20:37:44

Re: La sportiva shoes

[spaziohal] thank you very much for your reply. I have found this shop too. Unfortunately it does not ship outside Italy!

11/11/10 @ 21:08:46

Re: La sportiva shoes

hi bass,

you can try in this store:


12/11/10 @ 10:34:42
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