Bouldering near Forli or Napoli


Dove trovare i blocchi, con chi farli ma soprattutto perchè farli!


Bouldering near Forli or Napoli

Hello all,

I am from the US, and will be visiting my Italian family for the Christmas season, and will be in Forli for a little while and also Napoli. I would like to go bouldering at some point. If anybody has any information on nearby crags, that would be great. Also, if anybody out there would like a climbing partner for a day, that would be excellent. I am around a 5.9-5.11a / V3 climber if that helps at all...

Thanks in advance for any help. I would attempt to write this in Italian, but you would probably fall on the floor laughing, and I wouldn't want to be responsible for hurting anyone!


09/12/08 @ 03:16:04

Re: Bouldering near Forli or Napoli


please have a look at:



can't help you on napoli.

09/12/08 @ 09:56:02

Re: Bouldering near Forli or Napoli

hi david
near naples there are a lot of places to climb but just with falls. There aren't good place for boulder.
The most famous guide is Malopasso by ClimbingHouse.
Anyway I'd like to go togheter to climb.
Let me know when you will be in Naples so we can take an appointment.
See you soon


20/12/08 @ 21:38:25
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