Bouldering in Vitorchiano


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Bouldering in Vitorchiano

Hello to everybody,

I am a climber form Poland and I am looking for some information about bouldering in Vitorchiano.

I am planning a trip with my girlfriend in February.

Could you please let me know about lodging possibilities. Everything I have managed to find on the Internet is very expensive. I would be grateful for any suggestions and contact information.

Is there any topo of the region available? If so, where can I find it/buy it. Are there any climbing restrictions (private areas an so on).

These all probably can be found at thus forum but I do not know Italian 😖.

Thanks for any help,

29/12/10 @ 00:01:03

Re: Bouldering in Vitorchiano


usually we don't provide directly accomodations informations.
Howewer you may try to find something cheeper in Viterbo or in Soriano (bouldering area very close to Vitorchiano): (Soriano.

For Soriano topos: RockOne (sorry is in Italian)

For Vitorchiano there is no much on the web, hope someone will provide you the informations through the forum.


29/12/10 @ 17:07:48

Re: Bouldering in Vitorchiano

You could try asking your questions in this forum

29/12/10 @ 18:03:50

Re: Bouldering in Vitorchiano

Thanks for help 🙂 If anyone can some additional info I will be grateful.


30/12/10 @ 01:09:45
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