East face - Pembroke - Huntsman's Leap


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Gr. N. Nom Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
7b  Magazine People  
7b  Specimen Hunter  
7b  Quiet Waters  
6b  Quiet Waters Direct  
6a  Shape-Up  
6a  Wild Frontier  
6c+  Fitzcarraldo  
6c+  Slap up  
7b  Slap-Up/Fitz-In  
6c+  10  Wrap-Up  
6a  11  The Beast from the Undergrowth  
6b  12  Feeding on the Beast  
7b  13  The Pulsebeat  
6c+  14  Compulsion  
6c+  15  Moving Away from the Pulsebeat  
6b  16  Strap-Up  
6c+  17  Vladimir and the Beast  
6a  18  Down and Out  
6c+  19  Vladimir on the Rocks  
7b  20  Monsterosity  
6b  21  larkhill  
6c+  22  Monster-growth from the Underbeast  
6c+  23  Monster Modello  
6c+  24  The Monster Mash  
6b  25  Mythical Monster  
6a  26  The Honey Monster  
6c+  27  Meet the Monster Tonight  
6c+  28  Release the Bats  
6c+  29  The Ducking Stool  
  30  Oversight  



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