West face - Pembroke - Huntsman's Leap


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Gr. N. Nom Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
7b  Woeful  
6c+  Darkness at Noon  
7b  Night-Seeker  
7b  Hunter-Killer  
7b  Nothing to Fear  
7b  Terminal Twilight  
7c  Dusk Till Dawn  
7c  Do you know where your children are?  
7b  The Black Lagoon  
7b  10  Light at the End of the Runnel  
7b  11  Little Hunt  
7b  12  Witch Hunt  
7c  13  Chupacabra  
7b  14  Boat to Naxos  
7b  15  Souls  
7b  16  Half Man, Half Beast  
6c+  17  The Minotaur  
7c  18  Theseus  
7b  19  The Subterranean  
6c+  20  Head Hunter  
7c  21  Snake Charmer  
7c  22  The White Hotel  
7b  23  The Witching Hour  
7b  24  Wicked Witch Of The West  
6c+  25  Bloody Sunday  
6c+  26  Just Another Day  
6c+  27  Just another day/scorch the earth  
6c+  28  Scorch the Earth  



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