Vertical Garden - Croveo

  • Sector opened by Luigi Turchetto and Fabrizio Fratagnoli between March and June 2005. 27 shots, up to 7th +. Very interesting technical climbing between plaque and overhang. On the right, easy pitches suitable for beginners. Generally not very popular and cooler, different exposure compared to Central Park.

  • Crag: Croveo
  • Sector: Vertical Garden
  • N. Routes: 27
  • Level: 3b/7b
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2017/06/06
  • Reads: 14368

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Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
? Bloc fatal  
6b+  Satisfation  
6c+  Asta la vista  
7a  Vola sereno  
7a  Ribaltata  
6b+  Vertical garden  
6c+  Gorilla al sole  
7b  Atomic bomb  
7a  Sere nere  
6c  10  Sex machine  
6c+  11  Key è stata qui…  
7a+  12  Manfred  
5a  13  Pantera Rosa  
5a  14  Ispettor Clouseau  
4a  15  L’ortolano  
4a  16  Volpino  
3b  17  Farfallina  
4a  18  Taxolim  
4b  19  Guizzo rap  
4a  20  Guardami  
5b  21  Jaroma  
5c  22  Stuipols  
5a  23  Per manovre  
5a  24  Talmentina  
6a  25  Tito  
5a  26  Zio Stef  
6a  27  Topis  



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