Le Vie - Realba

  • Crag: Realba
  • Sector: Le Vie
  • N. Routes: 19
  • Level: 4c/7b
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2016/11/11
  • Reads: 8022

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
6a/6a+  VIA DEL DRAGO 55 m  
Note: L1 6a 25m/L2 6a+ 30m
5c/6c  DIEDRO DEL BUITA 70 m  
Note: L16a 30m/L2 5c 20m/L3 6c 20m
6b  SAYONARA 25 m  
6a/6c  THE WALL 45 m  
Note: L1 6a 25m/L2 6c 20m
6a/6a+  SVELTINA 55 m  
Note: L1 6a 25m/L2 6a+ 30m
6a/6a+  QUELLI DELLA NOTTE 75 m  
Note: L1 6a 35m/L2 6a 20mL3 6a+ 20m
5c  BABY PIZZA 35 m  
6a/7a+  MORLACH’S SHADOW 75 m  
Note: L1 7a+ 30m/L2 6a 25m/L3 6b+ 20m
6a+/7b  SPITFIRE 60 m  
Note: L1 7b 30m/L2 6a+ 30m
5a/5a  10  VIA NORMALE 85 m  
Note: L1 5a 35m/L2 5a 30m/L3 5a 20m
6a  11  SALI PURE SE TI PARE 45 m  
6a/6b  12  GIRLANDAIO 50 m  
Note: L1 6b 30m/L2 6a 20m
5c/6b  13  RIF RAF 50 m  
Note: L1 5c 30m/L2 6b 20m
4c/5b  14  LA LAMA 50 m  
Note: L1 4c 15m/L2 5b 35m
6c/6c+  15  FAFIFURNI 45 m  
Note: L1 6c+ 20m/L2 6c 25m
5c/6a+  16  VAILLANT 40 m  
Note: L1 5c 15m/L2 6a+ 25m
6c  17  BELLA LI’ 25 m  
Note: Esiste una variante di 25m 6a+
6a/6a  18  ROSSO DI SERA 30 m  
Note: L1 6a 15m/L2 6a 15m
6a  19  VARIANTE 15 m  
Note: Variante di Rosso di Sera



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