Gare Nuove - La Pietra di Bismantova

  • In this sector the "Più" routes of Bismantova are developed, the scene of the Italian Championships 1989. Climbing in this sector requires a lot of resistance and strength for its very long itineraries, and of concentration for some particular cartoons. Good sector in case of rain because protected by its overhangs. The real difficulty of this sector is to identify the route of some streets that are very close.

  • Access: Immediately after the sector "Illusioni", along the path that leads to the summit, on the right you can see a beautiful amphitheater of yellowish rock.

  • Crag: La Pietra di Bismantova
  • Sector: Gare Nuove
  • N. Routes: 15
  • Level: 5c/8c
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2021/08/04
  • Reads: 15862

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
7c  OMEOPATIA 15 m  
8a  UNA VITA AL TRAVO 18 m  
? EOLO 40 m  
Note: L1 ?; L2 ?
7c+/8b  LO SPIGOLO 30 m  
Note: L1 7c+; L2 8b
8b  ULTRAKREUZ 22 m  
6b/8a  KREUZ 25 m  
Note: L1 6b; L2 8a
8b/8c  K ROCK RADIO STATION 25 m  
Note: L3 8b/c
6b/7c+  FINALE DONNE 25 m 6b  2
Note: L1 6b; L2 7c; L3 7c
5c/8a  DON MAURIZIO 30 m  
Note: L1 5c; L2 7b+; L3 8a
7c+  10  FRENCO 25 m  
7a+  11  IL BUFFONE SULLA PARETE 25 m 7a+  1
7c+  12  IL SUPER BUFFONE 30 m  
Note: L2 7c+
7b+  13  IL TEMPO VOLA 25 m 7b  1
  14  LA VITA E'UNA SOLA 30 m  



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