Zio Camos - Brembilla

  • Immediately to the left of the "Lizards" sector

  • Crag: Brembilla
  • Sector: Zio Camos
  • N. Routes: 11
  • Level: 5a/7c
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: All

  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 47.0127º/E 8.1233º
  • Latitude/Longitude
    N 0.0000º/E 0.0000º
  • Coordinates Precision:
  • Update: 2018/10/09
  • Reads: 9350

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
? Smigol 20 m  
Note: NL
6b+  Caratteri difficili 23 m  
5a/7b+  Roby 16 m  
Note: L1 5a 8metri L2 7b+ 8metri
? Wolvering 30 m  
Note: NL
5b/7c  Zio Camos 70 m 5b  2
Note: L1 5b; L2 6b+; L3 7c
6c  Ai ai che dolor 27 m  
Note: Sosta in comune con L2 Via Camos
6b+  Little wing 25 m  
6b+  Hey Joe 15 m  
6a+  Betadine 20 m  
6b  10  Trinchetta 23 m  
5c  11  Hey donna 20 m 5c  1



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