Calabria Rock - Frascineto Eianina

CalabriaRock09 - Airtrafficontrol CalabriaRock09

  • Access: it is located exactly in the center, imposing between mum them turks and mountain lions. It has routes ranging from 5b to 7a + this is a bit 'longer routes and even 2 shots.

  • Crag: Frascineto Eianina
  • Sector: Calabria Rock
  • N. Routes: 10
  • Level: 5b/7a+
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: 0

  • Gear: Faletti, Quaranta, Maspes, Tazor, Vitale

  • Type: 0

  • Update: 2014/12/27
  • Reads: 10635

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
7a+  1 Never mind the bollocks    
6c  2 Dissolution    
5c  3 Mr Skikki    
5c  4 Mr Bax    
6a  5 Paolo Bongiovann I°    
6c/7a  6 È arrivata Marina    
6b  7 Ross the Boss    
5b  8 Mazzacana sospesa I tiro    
6b+  9 Mazzacana sospesa II tiro    
6a  10 Diedro “Faletti” 15 m  



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