Grotta di Mercuri - Orsomarso

  • Access: Looking at the rock face of the parking lot, a path leads to the right that, continuing towards North-East with some ups and downs, arrives at the edge of the wall. From here you follow the fixed ropes and you are shortly at the base of the cliff. Soon, an easier path will be created to avoid the rocky part. Access to the water source: looking at the rock face of the parking lot, a mule track starts on the left that leads to the small church of Santa Maria di Mercuri (11th century, built by Byzantine monks on the ruins of a pagan temple). In front of the church there is a fountain.

  • Crag: Orsomarso
  • Sector: Grotta di Mercuri
  • N. Routes: 20
  • Level: 5b/8b
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: The cave is always in the shade, the sector on the left takes a bit of sun at sunset.

  • Type: Compact limestone of excellent quality, mainly vertical on the left wall and with frequent formations of reeds, stalactites and columns in the cave sector. The particular shape of the rock offers a great variety of situations and imposes technical movements. There is no lack of overhangs of strength. With the rain he climbs into the cave even on simple pitches.

  • Update: 2013/06/30
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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Rating Asc
6a/6a+  1 Stracciabraghe 18 m   2
7a+  2 Quao 27 m   3
6b+  3 Au coucher du soleil... 27 m   3
5c  4 Pinko Ponko 15 m   3
5b+  5 Red hot chilli climbers 22 m   3
6a+  6 Orsomarco 8 m   2
5c+  7 Orsolele 8 m   2
5b  8 E c’edera e c’edera 13 m   3
8b? 9 Olla 19 m   3
6a  10 Pepè 13 m   2
6a+  11 Frenco Mercuri 13 m   2
7a  12 Formattazione 14 m   3
7a+  13 Il bruco 14 m   3
5c+  14 La canna di Zio Tom 14 m   3
6a  15 L’alzabandiera 15 m   3
6a+  16 Tribudipuglia 16 m   2
7c? 17 Meglio di peggio 20 m   2
5c  18 Occhio al cliff 10 m   2
5b+  19 Night climbing 10 m   2
5b  20 Stella cadente 8 m   1



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