Pilone di Gerno - Peregallo

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  • Marco Santambrogio has changed all the stops of both the first pitch and the 4 second shots. Moreover, at the base of the 2 Pylons self-insurance rings have been set up for those who climb alone. A map with the list and route layout was also set up. End of the works November 1998.

  • Access: You get to the square of Biassono and go towards Carate Brianza. At the first roundabout with a fountain, turn right towards Peregallo. You pass the Rovagnati (company of the famous hams) and continuing straight ahead you pass another roundabout with a fountain, still straight for another 300 meters you get to a fork where on the left you can see the restaurant "SES CULON" you pass in front of it passes under a small bridge and going straight on you get to the Canonica Brianza level crossing, you cross it until you reach the traffic light on the Lambro bridge. Turn right and continue to Gerno, keeping to the right you continue until you get to the bar-restaurant "RANCH", here you can park taking care not to leave the car on the sides of the road.

  • Crag: Peregallo
  • Sector: Pilone di Gerno
  • N. Routes: 16
  • Level: 6a/7b
  • Beauty:
  • Gear: Marco Santambrogio

  • Update: 2018/08/22
  • Reads: 21555

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Pilone di Gerno - Patabeng
Pilone di Gerno
 - www.patabang.it


Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
7a+/7b  Tienimi 7a+  1
6b+  Orto ceramico  
6c+  Sex bomb  
6c+  Brigitte Baldon  
  Bacio Pippo  
Note: L16b,L26c+
6a  Casandra  
6a+  Tic tac  
  La colata  
Note: L16b+,L26a+
7a+  Misteria  
6c  10  Berkana  
6b+  11  Gernovital  
6c  12  Marcom X  
7a  13  L'angolo di Sissi  
6b  14  Lolly  
6a  15  Okkiolio  
6c  16  Ave Cesarina  



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