Pilone Principale - Peregallo

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  • Five new routes have been opened. All the existing fixes have been replaced with new 10mm fixtures with relative plates, at the base there are rings for self-insurance, the chains of stops have 4 points of support with relative 1 cm steel cable that passes between all stops. 2 shots have been extended (LA COLATA and BACIO PIPPO), and 4 more routes are planned. For the moment, Misteria has not yet been released, possible 7b / c grade. End of works in August 2000. Reorganization carried out by Marco Santambrogio

  • Access: You get to the square of Biassono and go towards Carate Brianza. At the first roundabout with a fountain, turn right towards Peregallo. You pass the Rovagnati (company of the famous hams) and continuing straight ahead for another 500 meters you arrive near a sports field where you can park. You take a dirt road that runs along the sports field, you pass under a small bridge and immediately after you turn left. After 200 meters you reach the base of the Main Pylon.

  • Crag: Peregallo
  • Sector: Pilone Principale
  • N. Routes: 29
  • Level: 4a/7a+
  • Beauty:
  • Gear: Marco Santambrogio

  • Update: 2018/08/22
  • Reads: 15200

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Pilone Principale - Patabeng
Pilone Principale
 - www.patabang.it


Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
6a+  Nord  
6a+  I due pirla  
6b  Spigolo ranch  
6b  Pace nel golfo  
6a+  Lambro  
6b  Centrale Andrea  
6b  I Senza Rete  
6a+  Nuvenia poker  
5c  Le zanche 5c  1
6a  10  I piccioni  
6a+  11  Fettuccia A 6a+  1
6a  12  Fettuccia B  
5b  13  Basta! 5b  1
5c  14  Diedro di la 5b  1
4a  15  Normale 5a+  3
5b  16  Berga house 5b  1
6a/5c  17  Diedro di li 6a  1
6c  18  C'era la volta  
5c/6a  19  Lolito 5c  1
Note: Pilone Piccolo
7a  20  Iron maiden  
Note: Pilone Piccolo
6a  21  Il ghiro 6a  1
Note: Pilone Piccolo
4a  22  Gira l'angolo 4b  2
Note: Pilone Piccolo
6a+  23  LA IKA  
6b  24  Attenti al treno  
6a  25  il grande Traverso  
7a+  26  Cesana e Villa  
Note: Pilone Piccolo La prima parte è un traverso di 6c
6c+  27  X (ics)  
Note: Pilone Piccolo
6a+  28  Y (ipsilon)  
Note: Pilone Piccolo
6b+  29  Campo Base  
Note: Ultima via chiodata al Pilone Principale, Uscita dal cordolo difficile !!!



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