punto d'accesso per la zona 1 dei boulder - S.Bonaccia punto d'accesso per la zona 1 dei boulder
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  • Access: 10 meters before the entrance of the restaurant "la baia di marinella" you will find a large villa, adjacent to the wall of the villa there is access to the zone 1.

  • Boulder Area: POZZUOLI BOULDER (NA)
  • Boulder: Zona 1
  • N. Routes: 15
  • Level: 4/6b+
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: south south-east

  • Gear: S.Bonaccia, G.Schiavone

  • Type: trachite

  • Update: 2016/10/09
  • Reads: 2432

Boulder Gallery

Un sasso - old up climbing
Un sasso
old up climbing
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Secondo sasso - Google
Secondo sasso
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Pozzuoli boulder - simone bonaccia
Pozzuoli boulder
simone bonaccia
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Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
Amico alberello  
Note: sit start
6a  I subbaquei  
Note: sit start
6a  L'animale  
Note: sit start
Mi sbuccio  
Sang ittat  
Note: sit start
4+/5  Mi appoggio/Ti appoggio  
Note: sit start
4+  Vabbene!!  
6a+  Dolci crampi  
Note: sit start
Ogni buco è pertuso  
Note: sit start
6b/6b+  10  Evoluscion/ Re-voluscion  
6b/6b+  11  Brivido  
Note: sit start
12  Sena mani  
13  La bella fess....ura!  
14  Cact sott/Cagnt a mutand  
Note: sit start
? 15  Progetto  



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