PARETE EST - Sassane di Pietracolora

  • The EST wall is certainly the most deserving of valorization. On the spot now only two itineraries that appear immediately for consistency and for line. Obviously, as often happens on these lithotypes, many holds have been improved or excavated. The third route that runs a dihedral at the edge of the SOUTH / EAST side is more natural.

  • Access: The same as indicated.

  • Crag: Sassane di Pietracolora
  • Sector: PARETE EST
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: EAST - SOUTH / EAST

  • Gear: A stainless steel spit diam. 12 and eyebolts.

  • Type: Sandstone

  • Update: 2017/10/11
  • Reads: 3482

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