Cimitero - Casoli

  • Sector of the Cemetery

  • Access: To reach the first sector do not go up the ramp that leads to the village but take the road that leads to the houses near the cemetery.
    Continue to the cemetery, and continue until you cross a bridge. From here turn immediately left. The impressive wall of the "Cemetery" is clearly visible. Approximately in the middle of the wall a slight trace on the right leads to the base through the use of fixed ropes.

  • Crag: Casoli
  • Sector: Cimitero
  • N. Routes: 18
  • Level: 6b/8a+
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2011/09/12
  • Reads: 3514

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Gr. N. Name Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
7b+  Slumberland  
7b  Galleria dei bisbigli  
7b  sn  
7a  Con il suono delle dita  
7c  La pelliccia del pappone  
7b+  I giullari di dio  
7b  Le penne del pavone  
7b+  sn  
7c+  Veleni quotidiani  
8a  10  Ah le nobili ambizioni  
7c+  11  Vade retro  
8a+  12  Alles im griffe  
? 13  La pare del sanfi  
6c  14  Prova d'amore  
7c  15  I peggio boys  
7a+  16  Cavoli a merenda  
7a+  17  ... e la chiamano estate  
6b  18  sn 6c  1



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