Zoia nuova sud est - ZOIA - Valmalenco

Zoia nuova sud ovest - Google Zoia nuova sud ovest
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  • Access: From the Zoia shelter follow the main path that leads to the sectors, after a few minutes turn right to a path that leads to the sector. At the junction a new zoia and a red arrow on a stone indicate the direction

  • Crag: ZOIA - Valmalenco
  • Sector: Zoia nuova sud est
  • N. Routes: 10
  • Level: 6a/8a
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: southeast

  • Gear: Spit corking by Gerry Miotti, Gino Notari, Matteo Maternini, Fabio Sertore.

  • Type: serpentine

  • Update: 2016/05/15
  • Reads: 3667

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Asc
6c+  Metaignoranza 32 m  
6b+  10  Dottaignoranza 32 m  
7a  11  Catoblepa 32 m  
8a  12  Supergajardi 20 m  
7c  13  Gajardi 20 m  
6c  14  Dita di burro 15 m  
6b  15  Venduta 15 m  
6a  16  Bifida 15 m  
6a  17  Ecomuseo 15 m  
6a  18  Humus 15 m  



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