Zoia nuova sud est - ZOIA - Valmalenco

Zoia nuova sud ovest - Google Zoia nuova sud ovest
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  • Access: From the Zoia shelter follow the main path that leads to the sectors, after a few minutes turn right to a path that leads to the sector. At the junction a new zoia and a red arrow on a stone indicate the direction
  • Crag: ZOIA - Valmalenco
  • Sector: Zoia nuova sud est
  • N. Routes: 10
  • Level: 6a/8a
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: southeast
  • Gear: Spit corking by Gerry Miotti, Gino Notari, Matteo Maternini, Fabio Sertore.
  • Type: serpentine
  • Update: 2016/05/15
  • Reads: 2032

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N. Name Gr. Asc
9 Metaignoranza 6c+ 
10 Dottaignoranza 6b+ 
11 Catoblepa 7a 
12 Supergajardi 8a 
13 Gajardi 7c 
14 Dita di burro 6c 
15 Venduta 6b 
16 Bifida 6a 
17 Ecomuseo 6a 
18 Humus 6a 



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