Carnevale di Ivrea - Montestrutto

  • The first sector that meets on the left, characterized by a prevalence of easy ways some with a particularly close nailing tailored for children (CC = Chiodatura Cuccioli).
  • Access: The rise of the Abba 2 (CC) the Vezzosa 6a + Spades 5a Tuchini 3+ Mercenaries 3+ (CC) Panthers 3 (CC) Chess 4- Arduini 4- Death 6th (current grade of the guide, it seems to have blown away a little wig departure) Devils 4+ Credendari 4 the general 4 The shot of the oranges 6a the 6b pipe (become hard for the smuggling of a socket) the scarlet 6a + fat beans 5c (it was in a fireplace, the right side collapsed and currently the way is to be reviewed)
  • Crag: Montestrutto
  • Sector: Carnevale di Ivrea
  • N. Routes: 18
  • Level: 3a/6c
  • Beauty:
  • Update: 2017/04/26
  • Reads: 4058

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N. Name Gr. Asc
1 Castellazzo 3a 
2 Podestà 3a 
3 L'alzata dell'abbà 3a 
4 La vezzosa 6a+   1
5 Picche 5a   1
6 Tuchini 4a+ 
7 Mercenari 4a 
8 Pantere 3a 
9 Scacchi 4c 
10 Arduini 4c 
11 Morte 6a 
12 Diavoli 4b 
13 Credendari 4a 
14 Il generale 5a 
15 Il tiro delle arance 6a   1
16 Il piffero 6b 
17 Lo scarlo 6a+   3
18 Fagioli grassi 6c   2



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