Cantina - Sasso della Mantesca

  • It is a sector not too visible from the way of arrival. It remains enclosed between blocks and small walls in the shade of the grove. In warm weather, it offers a cool microclimate, mitigated by the fact that the perceived temperature is lower. The phenomenon derives from the fact that the stacking of the blocks creates cave areas that always remain at the same temperature. Obviously, it is a phenomenon very limited to the area facing the walls.

  • Access: We suggest proceeding as for the first sectors: enter the grove surrounding the blocks and follow the tracks to a fork. Point to the right and go around a bit 'of rocky disarray until you see a grassy shoulder. To get to the base of the walls it is necessary to go up a little and then go down to CANTINA. Do not forget something to cover yourself!

  • Crag: Sasso della Mantesca
  • Sector: Cantina
  • N. Routes: 3
  • Level: 5b/5c+
  • Beauty:
  • Exposure: EAST / SOUTH EAST ... or rather it would be like that but, the big blocks close every front. Only in summer, with the sun at the zenith, a little 'sun can filter!

  • Note: Despite all the rock is not always wet! Do not use the recesses for other personal purposes; the space is reduced! At the center of the blocks a superb example of Pero Corvino!

  • Update: 2019/09/08
  • Reads: 3827

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Gr. N. Name L. Falesia WIKI Falesia WIKI Rating Asc
5b/5c  1 IL SANGUE DEL VECCHIO 9 m 5b  1 3
5c/5c+  2 AUTOREVERSE 9 m 5b+  2 4
5b/5c  3 Dalle 2 alle 3 (...provaci se ti riesce!) 9 m   3



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